One 30p tap can go a long way


Here's where your taps are making a difference:

One 30p tap can go a long way

We are a society that loves giving to charity. In the UK, 80% of us donate on a regular basis, giving over £12 billion to charities each year. But as technologies adapt and evolve, charities could be doing so much more to make donating a simple, effortless act.

Looking at the way we pay for goods and services in other areas, we’ve seen something of a paradigm shift over the last decade. In the UK, more payments are now made by card than by cash, and £3.3 billion of our transactions are made using a contactless card – seeing a year-on-year increase of 330% in 2014. However, the majority of charity donations are still made using cash and coins, with a further third given on a regular basis by direct debit.

We wanted to find a way charities could use contactless payments to make the act of donating both easier and more impactful.

The impact of your taps on children across the world

Mary’s Meals has set up community-run school feeding programmes in some of the world’s poorest countries across Africa, Asia, South and Central America. By providing a daily meal in school, Mary’s Meals attracts hungry children to the classroom, giving them the much-needed energy to concentrate and gain an education, helping them work towards a better future.

The charity can provide a meal for an average of six pence, so each 30 pence donation collected by Lunchbox terminals in shops and cafes will provide five life-changing meals to hungry children in their place of education. Every meal makes a bigger impact elsewhere too, supporting families that are struggling to feed their children while in turn boosting the country’s wider economy.

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