Ten centimeters of counterspace. Thousands of happy faces.

Our Lunchboxes sit in eateries across the country next to card machines at the point of sale. The box is set to take a donation of £1 – making it really simple for customers to pay for their lunch and pay for someone else’s in one fell swoop.

Once tapped, the box gives customers a visual and audible cue to thank them for their donation. As well as cafes, restaurants and shops, Lunchbox is suitable for events and workplace kitchens or canteens.

Why point of sale charity donation works

Our mission is to make giving easy and habitual – a thoughtful act that doesn’t actually require any thought. We don’t want your customers to feel hassled or cajoled. That’s why our boxes are designed to look both innocuous and clearly separate from the rest of your digital transactions systems. This way, your customers know that you’re not asking anything of them.

You’re simply providing a smart, simple way to do something brilliant. Lunchbox is a quiet presence on premises, but speaks volumes about the values your regulars find so attractive.

Lunchboxes are designed for cafe and shop counters
A Lunchbox next to the card machine of a food vendor

Do you want a Lunchbox in your shop or cafe?

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How does Lunchbox work?

Hosting Lunchbox in your store doesn't involve any effort or expense on your part. We'll run and maintain everything for you, and even provide your staff with the information they'd need to field any customer enquiries.

From the perspective of your customers, it's just as simple. When they tap their card, a one-off donation of 30p is made and a child gets a week's worth of school lunches - so they help create change, even when they don't have any themselves. In short, there's no tie between Lunchbox and your finances - or those of your customers.

Lunchbox takes contactless payments for charity donations

Who's on board?


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How do I get involved?

If you sell lunches in your shop you will be the perfect fit for Lunchbox. Setting up is very easy - we simply need to find the right space on your counter and give you training. To sign up for a Lunchbox trial, email hello@taplunchbox.com

Where does the money go?

All of the money goes directly to Mary's meals of which 93p in every pound is spent on school lunches. For more information on the breakdown of a donation visit www.hsk.org.uk/

What appears on a customer's bank statement?

Because the Lunchbox is completely separate from your payment system, a donation will simply appear as 'Lunchbox' on a customer's bank statement

What if my customer has a query?

We understand they may have questions. We will give you training before to make sure you can answer most, but for any others please direct them to us at hello@taplunchbox.com

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