Lunchbox for events

From festivals to footy tournaments, grabbing a bite to eat while you’re out at an event can be a glorious moment. A buzz in the air, a burger in your hand – it’s enough to put anyone in an altruistic mood.

So why not turn the good will your fabulous catering creates into something even better?

With a Lunchbox on your counter, all a customer has to do is give it a tap and they can donate 30p to Mary’s Meals. Yes, that’s small change here, but it can lead to big change in the developing world. In fact, it’ll pay for a week’s worth of school lunches – one of the most important educational tools you can possibly imagine.

Lunchbox is available for events and festivals

Do you want a Lunchbox at your event?

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How can I get Lunchbox for my event?

Hosting Lunchbox in your store or at your food stand doesn't involve any effort or expense on your part. We'll run and maintain everything for you, and even provide your staff with the information they'd need to field any customer enquiries.

From the perspective of your customers, it's just as simple. When they tap their contactless debit card, a one-off donation of 30p is made and a child gets a week's worth of school lunches - so every customer can help create change, even when they don't have any themselves. In short, every one-off payment goes directly to Mary’s Meals, meaning your business won’t need to worry about the financials, while your customers won’t be tied into making regular direct debit payments.

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