Lunchbox for workplaces

Lunchbox is simply about giving school children in the developing world a chance to do their best – something that requires a full stomach. We know you appreciate that. It’s why you took the trouble to build that canteen of yours. And a fine canteen it is too.

But perhaps there’s a little something missing?

And we do only mean a little something. Small in stature, a Lunchbox only takes up a mere 10cm of counter space. It has its own 4G signal and battery. So it really couldn’t be easier to give your employees the chance to help a schoolchild in the developing world refuel while they’re doing the same for themselves.

It’s the sort of thing that puts a spring in your step, and there’s nothing like a springy workforce.

Your staff can donate with a simple tap

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How do I get Lunchbox for my business?

So to get back to the very basics – Lunchbox is a contactless donation box that you can place in your canteen space. While employees are buying lunch they can do the same for a hungry child just by tapping the box with their card. Each tap makes a 30p donation – enough to feed a child in the developing world for a week.

It’s completely stand-alone too. You don’t need to do anything except turn it on – though a little explanation might be useful. But don’t worry about that. We’ll provide you with all the educational materials you need to get the word out.

Lunchbox takes contactless payments for charity donations

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