Who’s behind lunchbox?

Lunchbox is a venture that has come out of Earnest Labs – the innovation arm of marketing agency, Earnest. The Lunchbox team is small but perfectly formed – not to mention dedicated. If there’s anything you want to talk to them about – whether you’re simply curious, or already have Lunchbox setup in your store – they’ll be happy to hear from you.

Lunchbox: Who’s behind lunchbox? Lunchbox: Who’s behind lunchbox?
Lunchbox - Rachel


Rachel has been working with schools and charitable organisations in Africa for a number of years. Now she wants to give others the chance to lend a hand in an amazing project without having to go through all the legwork.


Lunchbox - James


As the head of Earnest Labs, James is always looking for imaginative ways to put technology to its best possible use – not so much an ‘ideas guy’ as an ‘ideas-in-action-guy’.


Lunchbox - Nick


As well as being pretty good at ideas, Nick’s very good at making ideas look pretty. His design skills are responsible for Lunchbox looking like the attractive prospect we’re sure you’ll agree it is.


Start up funds were provided by Dine and Margie Glasgow, aspiring philanthropists.

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