Fill a tummy with a tap.

Lunchbox gives people the opportunity to feed hungry schoolchildren while grabbing a bite for themselves.

All it takes is a tiny tap of a contactless card to make a £1 donation – enough to pay for FIVE children in Kenya to have school lunches for a week. And these are more than just meals – they’re energy a child needs to make it to school and to concentrate.

Lunchbox lets you donate to charity with contactless payment Lunchbox lets you donate to charity with contactless payment

We're currently supporting HSK

In 2016 HSK launched their school feeding programme to provide lunches for children in schools to fuel their learning - a campaign which is growing year on year and will be heavily boosted by each tap on a Lunchbox.

Feed a hungry child with a contactless card payment

Potential is a bowl of rice

None of us can focus on an empty stomach. That's why when you buy a child a school lunch, you're giving much more than a meal. You're giving them the chance to feed their mind too. And that can be the fuel for a brighter future.

Where charitable giving and technology meet

Around 59 million of the world’s children don’t go to school. In order to survive, they have to work or beg. And even if they do make it into the classroom, hunger affects their ability to learn.

We believe every child deserves an education – and enough to eat.

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